Birthday Cakes

Treat Your Loved One to Delicious Birthday Cakes from Rhubarb & Rosie.

At Rhubarb & Rosie, the focus is always on bringing delicious treats, sweet comfort, and a taste of love with each cake that they serve. Happy to serve Glen Innes and the surrounding areas,  there are a ton of birthday cakes and cupcake gifts to choose from at Rhubarb & Rosie.

Let's explore the sweet treats that make Rhubarb & Rosie a local favorite.

Delicious Cupcakes For Any Occasion

Rhubarb & Rosie provides access to a host of delicious treats that are made from scratch by using only the BEST ingredients available. From custom-designed birthday cakes to a large order of your favorite cupcake flavours , it only takes a moment to see why Rhubarb & Rosie has become known for their delicious treats.

Let's explore a few local favorites in each category to best prepare our readers for their own cupcake or birthday cakes


  • The Love Cupcake — Simple, moist, delicious, and brimming with chocolate -- how can you go wrong with the Fudgy Love Cupcake? Pair this treat with a Rose to Send Love to your significant other in a way that only Rhubarb & Rosie can help!

  • Chocolate Heaven Cake — For themed birthday cakes, it is hard to overlook the Chocolate Heaven Cake. This cake was made for the chocolate lover within us all. Guylian Belgian chocolates top this treat while chocolate wafer sticks give it form. Within the cake itself, shoppers will find vanilla buttercream overtop of a chocolate fudge cake. Please give Rhubarb & Rosie up to 48 hours' notice.

  • Teacup Flower Arrangement & Cupcakes — Perfect for a romantic date or a treat for your loved one, this packaged gift includes a cuppa, cupcakes, and a fresh flower arrangement for the one that you love most.

To learn more about the delicious birthday cakes and cupcake choices available, simply head to Rhubarb & Rosie to browse the menu, today!