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Spring has Sprung

Well spring has arrived, and although it hasn't warmed

The peace lily is a tough indoor beauty

up too much yet, you can't deny the extra motivation and inspiration that we feel in the air!

It's a great time to give your indoor plants a little bit of TLC, ready to grow and grow and turn your indoors into a lush oasis. Check to see if your plants have outgrown their pots, and if so, potting to the next size up pot will give them a little more room to move. If they look ok, take them out into the shade and hose the leaves down or put them in a cold shower. Dust clogs their pores, so a little rinse will help them to breathe easier (don't forget to bring them back inside). It's also beneficial to give them a spray of the Houseplant Hoarders Foliar spray which includes Norweigan seaweed, for an instant nutrient boost.

We have indoor potting mix and a range of Houseplant Hoarders products in-store to help you out.

Your plants will reward you for the love you give them. If this all sounds too much we can repot and replenish your plants for you for a small fee. 🪴🪴


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